Disparities in our Region

Komen South Carolina recognizes that each county we serve faces challenges. By focusing strategic efforts on specific populations, the Affiliate can continue to be efficient stewards of our limited resources.

Three overarching issues are evident throughout our service area: access to the full continuum of care, education of both the general population and medical providers, and the lack of Medicaid expansion. These problems negatively impact breast health disparities in the Affiliate’s predominant populations- rural and Black/African-American women. If these issues are addressed appropriately, these populations may have better health outcomes.

The Community Profile

The 2015 Community Profiles guide Komen South Carolina’s work, aligning strategic and operational efforts to better address the region’s breast health needs and disparities. This needs assessment is compiled to assist the Affiliate and its partners in identifying breast cancer disparities within the 45 counties served by Komen SC. By incorporating focused grantmaking, education and advocacy policies, Komen South Carolina can make a greater impact on the lives of South Carolinians.

The Community Profile is compiled every four years and updated as needed. Statistical data and community feedback are used to identify the challenges faced within the communities we serve.

2015 Community Profile Reports for Komen South Carolina:

South Carolina 2015 Community Profile Report

Komen Lowcountry 2015 Community Profile
Komen South Carolina Mountains to Midlands 2015 Community Profile Report

* Based on the findings of the 2015 Community Profile Report for South Carolina