Komen Lowcountry Awards $178,653 to Community Non-profits

Komen Lowcountry serves 17 counties from the coast to the PeeDee. For 2016-17, the affiliate has awarded $178,653 to three community non-profit organizations to improve access to breast health services in rural populations. Award recipients include Allendale County Hospital, Beaufort-Jasper-Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, and McLeod Health. Each grantee reaches a different region within the affiliate’s 17-county service area.

“We conducted a needs assessment of our 17-county service area and saw the challenges faced by our rural populations. Many of these women live in areas where medical services aren’t even available,” said Lucy Spears, Mission Programs Manager. “Our grants get them access to the care they need. We’ve funded community health grants since 1994 and have the evidence to show that they save lives by providing free or low-cost care to our most vulnerable populations.”

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