Worship in Pink 2017- It’s all about the women in our lives!

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This year’s toolkit includes great ideas for WIP events plus documents that may be downloaded for free and printed. Just click on the links below.

The 2017 Worship in Pink Toolkit is now available!

Even if you didn’t register for Worship in Pink, you can download the toolkit for free and and print your own 2017 Worship in Pink materials:

WIP Celebration Ideas 2017
We’d love to hear your ideas!  Be sure to share them on our FaceBook page. Remember that the more involved the church, the greater the impact.  Putting materials at the back of the church hoping that people pick them up is not usually successful.

Your church can benefit, too! All churches returning both completed Keeping the Promise forms by June 15th will be entered to win a $ 50 Walmart gift card.

A Letter to Ambassadors
This will provide you with some suggestions and the opportunity to [rovide some feedback about the Worship in Pink program.

This  fact sheet about breast cancer can be used by pastors, health ministers, or any speakers at your event.  It addresses disparities and underscores the importance of early detection.

Keeping the Promise (formerly “Commitment Challenge”)
Have the congregation promise to get screened according to recommended guidelines.  Women should discuss their personal risk for breast cancer and appropriate screening with their doctors. Participants may be entered to win a $50 Walmart gift card and must be entered by June 15th.

The following education materials are now available in English AND Spanish

Breast health Education- Eng.                                              Breast Health Education-Sp.
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